Skill Development for Web Design & Development

(100 Hours)

Web Design & Development consists of two parts: Front end & Back end. The front end also called the "Client-side" Programming Language & the Back end also called the "Server-side" Programming Language, happens on the Server and the Database. Two Types of Website Static & Dynamic. Front end language uses for "Static Website" & Back end language uses for "Dynamic Website".

Profesessional IT Traning PowerWebIT

Foundation Traning PowerWeb IT


Foundation Training- Core Skill (40 Hours)

Web Design

πŸ’» Basic Computer Skill

πŸ’» HTML5

πŸ’» CSS3

πŸ’» Bootstrap Framework

πŸ’» PSD to HTML

πŸ’» JavaScript

πŸ’» jQuery


Top Up Training- Core Skill (40 Hours)

Website Development


πŸ’» PHP

πŸ’» MySQL Database

πŸ’» WordPress (CMS)

πŸ’» Laravel Framework


Soft Skill (20 Hours)


πŸ’» Personal Skill Development

πŸ’» Job Market Orientation

πŸ’» Freelancing Marketplace

πŸ’» Online Marketplace

πŸ’» Client Communication

πŸ’» Business Communication

πŸ’» Startup

πŸ’» Entrepreneurship

Software Duration:
🌐 Notepad ++  🌐 Duration: 3 Months
🌐 Sublime Text 3 🌐 Total Hours: 100
🌐 VS Code 🌐 Total Class: 50
🌐 Adobe Photoshop 🌐 Per Day: 2 hours
🌐 XAMPP 🌐 Per Week: 4 Days
🌐 PHP Strom 🌐 Class Days: Sat, Sun, Tue, Thu